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Our team is equipped with strong backgrounds in relevant areas to achieve this dream. We are dedicated to the course of cutting down post harvest losses in the grain and seed value chain and we are giving our all. Our dream is aimed towards helping farmers increase their grain quality, attain better markets and prices, and gain enough revenue. We are passionate about this

High post-harvest losses(molding) in grains amongst small and medium holder farmers and aggregators in sub–Saharan Africa, specifically Ghana, during drying which affects quality, income and sales.

Grain and Seed drying services
Fabrication and sell our locally made affordable machines
Carry out sensitization on good storage and drying practices
Capacity building and training for farmers
Our Story

Pained by how grain and seed farmers face post- harvest losses which translates into low grain quality, and income, we emerged as a team with a solution that will sustainably put an end to this headache by ensuring sustainable drying and storage practices with our cutting edge mobile solar drying technology

Our Vision

To revolutionize smallholder farming by providing accessible, efficient, and sustainable mechanical grain and seed drying solutions, empowering farmers and aggregators to enhance food security and prosperity in their communities

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable mechanical grain and seed drying technology tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers and aggregators. Through;
improve post-harvest practices
Reduce Food Loss
Elevate Livelihoods
Foster thriving agricultural ecosystem for future generations.

Affordable machines to increase Productivity

Small Holder Farmers Reached
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Volunteers Across Ghana
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We empower Ghanaian farmers through affordable mechanical drying services and solar-powered dryers, reducing post-harvest losses. Our mission is supported by collaborations with Kosmos Innovation Center, CSIR/SARI, and ACDI/VOCA.



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Gumani, Damata Street
P.O. Box TL, 1350, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana