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Welcome to Sunify Solardry Technology

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The need to curb postharvest losses

Our team is equipped with strong backgrounds in relevant areas to achieve this dream.

We are dedicated to the course of cutting down post harvest losses in the grain and seed value chain, and we are giving our all. Our dream is aimed at helping farmers increase their grain quality, attain better markets and prices, and gain enough revenue. We are passionate about this!!



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What They're Talking About Sunify

We have been suffering to dry our maize and shea nuts. Sometimes, we will gather them and when we are drying, it will be raining. So when we keep it, it has been smelling and spoiling, so we have been losing market for our farms. Sunify came and they said they can help us so we are now happy! ~

Abdulai Abriwa, Wantugu community

“I keep moving my grains in and out of the room everyday to dry. I have to sit by these grains to sack birds and goats that feed on them and this is very tiring”

samira, Wantugu community

Sunify brought their machine and tested it on our maize. We were very happy that they have brought a solution for us. God bless Sunify for this solution.” 

Dokurugu Salamatu, Gbagu community

Sunify Solardry Technology

Why Choose Us

Mechanical drying service

We help our farmers dry their harvested grains by exposing it to controlled airflows and temperatures to remove excess moisture, preventing mold growth and bacterial contamination using our specialized mechanical dryers to ensures longer shelf life, maintains nutritional value, and enhances marketability of the grains

Fabrication and selling of mechanical dryers

We are fabricating a mobile mechanical dryer which is made from steel, powered by solar panels and can dry up to 500 kilos of grains at a time

Sensitization of farmers on good storage and grain management practices

We have a team of volunteers who are trained to voice out the importance and benefits of using mechanical dryers over the conventional methods of drying.
Team Members

Meet Our Team

We empower Ghanaian farmers through affordable mechanical drying services and solar-powered dryers, reducing post-harvest losses. Our mission is supported by collaborations with Kosmos Innovation Center, CSIR/SARI, and ACDI/VOCA.



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Gumani, Damata Street
P.O. Box TL, 1350, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana